Feng Shui


风水好,是让您居住的环境更加分! 家可以是代表一生中的财富,运气也会大相径庭,其实与我们自身运势息息相关,错的方位可以影响一家人的和谐,事业,财运与兴旺。

Metaphysiiics Consultancy 提供独家的家居风水布局图解。利用风水之气来借力提升您一家人的运势。把风水原理运用到您家里,以帮助您达到所希望的生活模式。
-现场屋宅风水分析 -禁忌与摆设等宜忌 -内部格局 -催旺住宅中的吉位 -人缘桃花 -催财气,富贵腾达 -财位,文昌&事业布局 -动工择日方位 -化解凶位煞气 -新家入伙程序 -风水图报告

A good home brings prosperity.
Right placement of objects can affect the flow of energy and your personal wealth. Good energy flow improve better health, wealth and numerous aspect of your life.

Metaphysiiics Consultancy provides the ever-ready manpower and professional services that are sure to meet your Feng Shui needs.

-Feng Shui Audit, Analysis and Evaluation
-External & Internal Environment Analysis
-Door, Kitchen and Bedroom Adjustment
-Activation of Auspicious Sector
-Enhance the Peach Blossom Relationship
-Activate the wealth corner
-Wealth, study and career corner
-Date selection for Moving-in
-House moving-in process flow
-Comprehensive Report