Feng Shui


店铺方正, 财运充沛!
店铺局方正无缺角,才会使得店铺内气运充足,生意红火,赚得盆满钵满。 若是店铺的任何一个角出现缺失,都可能导致店铺内气运失衡。

通过Metaphysiiics Consultancy来化解你所面对的问题,由风水相关的注意事项,不仅可以化解低迷的生意,还能在您的生意上有所改善!

  • 办公室,店铺,餐厅与工厂等等
  • 内外环境分析
  • 柜台位置
  • 大门的布局
  • 化解凶位的煞气
  • 寻财位,催财气
  • 业主以及各要员办公室
  • 个人座位吉方
  • 动工择日择方位
  • 新商宅开幕择日
  • 新商宅入伙程序
  • 风水图报告

Enhancing Feng Shui attributes at commercial or industrial premises can create a harmonious work environment, which ensures smooth operations, healthy workforce and a flourishing business.

Metaphysiiics Consultancy service is applicable to both new and existing commercial/industrial property.
  • Office space, shop house, restaurant, factory etc
  • Feng Shui Audit, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Internal & External Environment Analysis
  • Reception
  • Wealth Corner Activation
  • Owner and key employees office analysis
  • Personal auspicious direction
  • Date and Sector selection for Groundbreaking
  • Date selection for Opening
  • Opening process flow
  • Comprehensive Report